David Huer

Gordian Knot slicer, serial entrepreneur, spatial thinker, autodidact, polymath, synesthscientist.  David Huer develops practical solutions to extraordinarily complex ‘first principles’ problems, using an unusual ability to sort through vast constellations of clues.

David has over 20 years of operations and community volunteering leadership experience, with much of his focus being to bootstrap private enterprise startups with social impact. OrbMB is a for-profit corporation.

David Huer has an Hons BA History/Politics (law/gov), Hons Dipl.Tech Industrial Design (product design/manufacturing), BCommerce (finance), and Front-End Web Design (for product management). He enjoys whitewater kayaking, caving, hiking, gym, cycling and when not running a startup blogs about map/history sleuthing. This is David’s eighth startup. He has been an employee in two other startups, coaches new founders, and is an investor in OrbMB Technologies Corp.