~ sharing laughter, warmth & love around the campfire ~

“Building a legacy isn’t about how awesome of a campfire you built. It’s about how you kept other people warm.” – Daniel Wong

OrbMB’s community-building contributions

[Whitepaper-01] Rewarding Data Donations

: Rethinking the Fundamental Nature & Value of Data
: Rewarding Volunteer Opportunity Cost Choices
: Developing Tax Credits & Bankable Rewards
: includes draft Excel Spreadsheet

Re-Valuing Opportunity Cost to Donate Data
: Recovering the Labour Cost of Volunteers
: Creating Wild Data to Donate the Data Value
= Creating Labour Expense that is also an Asset

[Whitepaper-02] Ancient Discovery Partnerships

: Paying for archae/history/ecology field work
: Paying for looted treasures detective work
: Recovering priceless cultural patrimony
: Private partner donors obtain Net Bankable Value
: includes draft Excel Spreadsheet

Could this help break the looting trade?
: Isis : Syria’s ancient patrimony
: Shoah : Seven plundered artworks 
: Canada : The Kwakawaka’wakw Treasures


Image: Staying Warm in the Wild West (Unsplash).jpg
Robson Hatsukami Morgan robsonhmorgan [CC0 1.0], via Wikimedia Commons