Implications for Data Centres


Satoshi Nakamoto‘s original concept unexpectedly creates a perverse incentive to use massive amounts of energy:

Producing an ever-widening environmental catastrophe because today’s Cryptocurrency Mining methods demand evermore energy for ever-less return. And energy miners do not compensate other ratepayers for any harm.

“Cryptocurrency mining is notoriously hungry on the energy front, to the extent that—in the current context of depressed token values—it may not even be economically viable for the miners. The activity can be very polluting as a result…” and it produces unexpected costs for other customers by grabbing large chunks of available supply.

But the immutable nature of Blockchain Ledgering and Smart Contracts is so attractive as a cost-cutting ‘data cost management tool’ that Blockchain is here to stay.

Could “Wild New Information” Trades & Credits . . .

> Help solve this Egg & Chicken Problem?
> Finding efficiencies to manage information generation?
> Finding efficiencies to reduce or remove environmental risk?
> Transfer harmful costs to generator &/or consumer?
> Incentivize attracting Centres to the “most efficient” regions?
> Incentivize blockchain mining across neighbourhoods?