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Ending Quarterly Reporting & Earnings Guidance?

There are calls to ‘scrap quarterly reporting to encourage long-term thinking’ (guest column by Jack T. Ciesielski, accounting analyst and portfolio manager at R.G. Associates, 07 March 2019, Fortune Term Sheet) and Martin Lipton of  Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz (

Restructuring the fundamental taxonomy of accounting data may aid proposals to regulators. Data Value Accounting breaks data into six phase states to create deeply precise monetizable spreads. Perhaps this “six phase state taxonomy” could deliver better (finely-grained) data so there is no need to issue quarterlies, but instead let public corp automatically (algorithmically) offload reporting to third-party dashboards?

For example Exchanges, Bloomberg, and/or SEC; using the integrated Just-in-Time data-sharing frameworks used by automakers and their suppliers?

The method got created to propose a tax credits regime for donating data. Using it, you could argue that earnings guidance & reporting provides a donated benefit to society. Donating corporate data is a transaction that ought to profitably reward donors: here, donating shareholder-owned data to the public for net compensation produces incentive for more public corporations to donate theirs; which adds more data for benchmarking without need of additional regulation; which further removes the need for quarterly published reporting; while growing confidence in public markets.

Markets easily deliver high-speed algo trading.

Could they accept high-speed reporting?