Implications for Social Agencies & B-Corps

An Example where the ‘Data Creator’ is a homeless person: Gathering anonymized data (epidemiology, area safety, etc.) to social agencies, who deliver the aggregated data to co-financing and higher-agency funding partners?


Where the product is hard-to-gather data:

> The participating person is the Data Creator.
> The participant uses of the app to gather & deliver data.
> Data gathering is their volunteered participation.
> Their participation is their labour.
> Their labour earns the tangible and intangible rewards.
> Their tangible reward is bankable earnings of cash, credits, or coupons.
> And the intangible reward is the dawning self-esteem that comes from earning steady income; and all the good for the person, and their circles, and neighbourhood, and the community that flows from this small transformative shift in thinking & doing…