Inno 1 : What, exactly, is newly-created data?

the newborn newness of new information

New Information must be “made Real” and then “converted to Utility” to be a Asset that is demonstrably useful.

Creating a Data Asset Involves Six (6) Phase States:

State A: Uncollected data exists in a “wild” state; when collected it is “raw” data.

State B: Raw data must be collected, and must occur to produce data sets for analysis.

State C: Dollar Value of Services (collating, analyzing, reporting to convert to utility).

State D: Converted Value = net result of conversion from a wild state to a utility state.

State E: Utility Value = Dollar Value assigned by society for buy/sell trading purposes:

(E1) Business
(E2) Charitable
(E3) Public
(E4) Privately defined

State F: Tax Credit Value = Dollar Value assigned by tax authorities.

Inno-2) Cost of Data Collected
A new Financial Statements line-item

Inno-3) Rewarding Data Creator-Donors
Intangible Data Donors must obtain Value to have Incentive to Donate