Inno-2 : “Cost of Data Collected” Line-Item

A new Financial Statements line-item

“Creating New Data” means
…Finding an Asset possessing Intrinsic Value; and
…Tracking Cost of Data Collected:

1) Creating Data means collecting entirely new Raw (“Wild”) Information that has intrinsic value in-and-of itself.

2) And that means creating a twinned entity that is both a Real Property Asset and a Labour Expense.

3) Using a cost line-item called “Cost of Data Collected

where Labour Cost to collect Wild Data is arguably separate from Labour Expense to convert Raw Value to Utility Value:

Data Asset Value = Intrinsic Value + Cost of Data Collected


Labour Expense to Deliver Asset = Converting Raw to Utility

Inno-1) What, exactly, is newly-created data?
Re-thinking fundamental nature and value

Inno-3) Rewarding Data Creator-Donors
Intangible Data Donors must obtain Value to have Incentive to Donate